Dry January...

Posted on 29 Jan 2024

With January coming to an end, it is important to reflect on the year so far, or maybe to just give ourselves a pat on the back for making it through the first month! Feels like it's gone on for years, anyone else?

Maybe this month you took on dry January? If not, it's never too late; maybe try Dry February, Dry March... you get the idea! The benefits are endless. Not only on the inside, but also the outside. Let's take a look:

On the inside:

  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Reduces diabetes risk
  • Lowers cholesterol

What you’ll notice:

  • More focus and energy
  • Better sleep
  • Saving money

Long-term change:

  • Make healthier decisions in other aspects of your life
  • More confident when socialising without alcohol
  • General improvements in overall health

In fact, in a study by the University of Sussex, 71% of participants reported better sleep, 67% had more energy, and over 54% experienced weight loss and better skin! Whether it's going completely T-Total, or just replacing a cocktail with a mocktail every now and then, making healthier choices is clearly a good idea.

We have a range of alcohol substitutes in our machines, including drinks from Nuisance Drinks, cordials from Pixley Berries and daily dose ginger shots from Willy’s to give you that extra kick you may be craving from harder drinks…

As we go into February, there are many exciting things coming up for Berries Unlocked. We all know February is the month of Valentine's Day. Whether you are celebrating with a partner, friends, your kids or even just celebrating yourself, be sure to check out some delicious homemade, local chocolate by the brilliant Choccotastic! These sweet treats will be available in all of our machines along with a selection of fresh fruit and other healthy snacks and drinks, also perfect for a Valentine’s picnic!

Also, we can’t forget Pancake Day! With a variety of fruit available in our machines, making perfect toppings, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for some tasty recipes.

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