We believe all businesses should measure themselves on a triple bottom line: planet, people and profit. We put planet and people first. We measure success based on more than the number of happy customers and the quality of our fruit. We believe all businesses should have no impact on the environment, or a positive one, and support those who are less fortunate.

Our Pledges for 2024

We will continue to donate to the Haygrove Community Garden initiative.

We will donate 200kg of fruit to our local Food Bank.

We will offset our emissions, and take actions towards becoming carbon negative.

We will collectively volunteer 200 hours at local causes.


Carbon Neutral Supplier

We purchase our fruit from the carbon neutral Haygrove Farm in Ledbury, but we want to do more.

Berries Unlocked are ourselves also committed to becoming a carbon neutral business. We have signed the UN Climate Neutral Now Pledge, and are taking responsibility for our activities. To take the initial steps to meet this goal, we have been working with Haygrove Sustainability Manager, Chris Milson, to calculate our carbon emissions, and have already chosen three UN projects to support which will offset our emissions.

Supporting a series of initiatives

Find out more about our three chosen projects and what we’ve been up to in our blog posts and through our social media!

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