High quality, healthy snacks just one unlocked door away.

The Steps

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  • Input your desired products via the touch screen - this will add these products to your basket.

  • With everything in your basket, press the payment button in the top right hand corner of the screen.

  • Forget the cash! We only accept contactless payments from the terminal just below the screen. (AMEX not accepted).

  • That’s it! Your chosen locker doors will open, and the fruit is all yours! Simply close the door once you have collected your berries, and enjoy!


Accessible Around the Clock

Our user-friendly, refrigerated vending machines are open 24/7.

The three sites can be found just outside Ledbury (HR8 2SG), Newent (GL18 1EB), and Whitchurch (HR9 6DF).

Our machines are regularly restocked, making our products available around the clock in just a few simple steps! Whether it's our high quality local berries you’re after, or you fancy trying some of our other healthy snacks, drinks, or honey, you can come at any time! What are you waiting for?

Managing Allergens: We have clearly labelled any lockers that contain allergens, such as lockers containing our cashew nuts from Ludlow Nut Co. We clean these every day to avoid cross-contamination. Please note these when purchasing from our vending machines.

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