Hello Spring!

Posted on 28 Mar 2024

It’s finally Spring! YAYYY! Days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer and most importantly… the countdown to the reopening of the Berries Unlocked stand has begun!

Our team absolutely loves the warmer seasons. We’re pretty sure there’s scientific evidence supporting that as evenings get longer and days get sunnier our moods improve and we release more serotonin (happy hormones). Anyone else agree?

As the stand is opening in less than 2 months, (eekkk!), here's an update of where the fruit is on its journey to your kitchen tables…

At the moment, the cherries are just about to blossom with the early varieties starting already. Can anyone else literally taste them, or is it just me? The blackberries in the glasshouses are looking delicious and on their way to making brilliant crumble fillings or after-school snacks. Onto my personal favourite - the strawberries. These are being planted steadily throughout the upcoming weeks, ready for continuous harvest throughout the summer, making sure you are always stocked up.

However, let's not forget what is already at our fingertips. All three of the machines are currently stocking delicious raspberries and blackberries, making perfect accompaniments for your Easter puddings and picnics. Also, we have a range of healthy snacks and drinks, ideal energy boosters for long car journeys over the Easter holidays or a well deserved snack.

On the topic of Easter, keep your eyes peeled for some delicious, handmade Choccotastic chocolate making its way into the machines too, celebrating the end of Lent and perfect for anyone that may have given up this treat!

We hope everyone has a lovely Easter and the beginning of Spring! Fingers crossed that the British weather doesn't let us down… if it does, a trip to Berries Unlocked is a certain pick me up :)