Introducing Nuisance drinks!

Posted on 1 Feb 2023

Did you know that nettles have been shown to reduce inflammation, hay fever, eczema, tendinitis, lowers blood pressure and aid blood sugar control?

Introducing Nuisance drinks to the machines…

Nuisance is a business born in the depth of the Cotswolds: a mother and son (founder Hugo) picking nettles to create a nettle cordial.  Years later, during lockdown, Hugo launched the business to fill the gap of genuinely exciting options available to the alcohol-free market.

They are premium, botanical-based soft drinks that celebrate the wild side of nature and the ingredients found on your doorstep. There are three flavours available in our machines:

🌹 Bramble and Rosemary

🌿 Nettle and Elderflower

🌶 Mint, Cucumber and Chilli

I first met Hugo and his team working on a marketing project at university in Edinburgh. I was immediately inspired by their story and products that seemed truly unique, natural and most importantly, delicious! I knew the drinks would be perfect in our machines, especially because they hold similar values to Berries Unlocked:

  1. They are a small business, started during lockdown
  2. They are filling the gap in a healthier, alcohol-free market, but are also a great replacement for your cokes and sprites found in the average vending machine
  3. They also care about nature and our environment, celebrating the ‘nuisances’ in the garden and pledging 1% of sales to Rewilding Britain

The list could go on, but we’re so excited to be working with them and stocking their products in our machines! Let us know what you think, some of you have already been loving the Bramble and Rosemary flavour already…

If you would like to learn more about Nuisance, visit their website at

If there are any businesses or products that you would like to see in our machines or think would fit our healthy, natural and local values, please don’t hesitate to contact us at !