Our New Products!

Posted on 16 Dec 2021

The wait is over! We have finally stocked up the machine with lots of new, healthy goodies, and we’re so excited to hear what you think!

Our team has been working hard to find other local businesses which place an importance on being planet and people friendly, just like us. Our new products are healthy and convenient, and we hope you love them as much as we do.

We do still have our local berries available for a little longer yet; from the time this blog post is live, we will have our strawberries and blueberries for another week, but our raspberries and blackberries will be around for a while longer still.

Without further ado, we are pleased to introduce you to our new products, which you can purchase at any time through our vending machine at our site near Ledbury.


  • Raspberry ACV Kombucha
  • Cloudy Apple Juice.

Our favourite: Raspberry ACV Kombucha - containing the recommended daily dose of Willy’s renowned apple cider vinegar, this raspberry kombucha is healthy, tasty, and unique; you won’t find a drink like this anywhere else.

These drinks not only taste great, but they are also a perfect, natural, energy boost! Sugar free, with no added preservatives or sweeteners, these little cans are packed full of vitamins, friendly bacteria and minerals.

Get your daily dose of wellness, and let us know what you think!

We love the ethos of Willy’s; from their innovative recyclable packaging, all the way back down to action on the farm, Willy’s products are not only natural and healthy, but also environmentally conscious. They don’t use any artificial fertilisers or pesticides on the farm, as they make their own fertiliser from apple pulp and cuttings! This, alongside them building bug hotels, setting up feeding areas for birds, and planting wild beds on their Herefordshire farm proves Willy’s commitment to the environment and the biodiversity of the local area.

Learn more about Willy’s sustainable farming here.


  • ‘Berry Boss’ Smoothie.
  • ‘Green Guru’ Smoothie.
  • Orange Juice.

Our favourite: ‘Berry Boss’ Smoothie - it’s a super smoothie, packed with fibre and fresh fruit. Containing some of our favourites - blackberries and blueberries - this was bound to be a hit!

After careful consideration - and lots of taste testing! - we whittled down our three favourites to share with you: the orange juice, and the ‘berry boss’ and the ‘green guru’ smoothies.

These juices and smoothies are packed with vitamins, minerals and probiotics, and they use a cold-pressed method to make them; this helps to keep higher levels of nutrients in the juices, so you’re really getting the most out of them! Cold-pressed juices are great for a healthy digestive system, and can help in the prevention of ageing, too!

They are perfect for those of you who are on the go, and may struggle to get the vitamins and minerals you need… What are you waiting for? Give them a try!

For us, B-Fresh was a no brainer. Not only are the smoothies and juices nutritious, and fresh, but also they have taken steps with the planet in mind across every aspect of their supply chain. All of their packaging is recyclable and made from recycled materials, and they use wonky fruit and veg in order to minimise waste. We also found out that B-Fresh generates some of their electricity through solar, and they have recently started offsetting the carbon emissions from their employee’s commutes through tree-planting. With every order, customers and stockists alike are also supporting tree-planting initiatives.

You can read more about their sustainability activities here.

The Ludlow Nut Company:

  • Dried blueberries.
  • Dried mango.
  • Roasted and salted cashew nuts.

Our favourite: Dried blueberries - we had never seen dried blueberries before, and we knew we had to try them! Seeing as we won’t have our local blueberries available until next summer, it seemed like a great compromise, and something new for you to try too!

We selected the dried blueberries, dried mango, and roasted, salted cashew nuts from The Ludlow Nut Company. Nuts and dried fruits are a major source of proteins, minerals and antioxidant vitamins; they’re among nature’s richest and healthiest foods, and there are so many health benefits to incorporating them into your diet.

At Ludlow Nut Co., they don’t outsource their production; the products you buy are artisan and made by hand. We love this attention to detail - and the quality of products is great!

We’re loving them so far, have you tried them yet?

We love the whole range of products available from the Ludlow Nut Company, and it’s great to see another business who started similarly to us have so much success. As well as this, it was important for us to become a stockist for a business which places great importance on sustainability; the Ludlow Nut Co. generate their own electricity from solar, and prioritise safe disposal of waste, and waste minimisation. You can read more about their environmental policy here.

These small businesses prove that you don’t have to sacrifice great quality or value for money in order to be environmentally friendly, and we hope that other businesses will move forward in this direction too.

As always, we value your feedback and would love to hear what you think about our new offerings, or any recommendations for what else you would like to see in our machine! Feel free to drop us a message on Instagram or Facebook.