Pre-Season Reflections & Aims

Posted on 1 May 2024

I have spent 3 months away from home and the business traveling down through Central America, and I’ve just arrived back in time for the summer season to start. The time away has meant a lot of thoughts whizzing around, reflecting on past years and setting aims for this summer season. If you’re looking for a sneak peek into my brain, look no further…

Reflection 1: We’re so lucky to live where we do, the way we do. Having seen some amazing but developing places, I was reminded to not take the lovely little county of Herefordshire for granted. With its endless fields, buzzing businesses and friendly people, I came back feeling so lucky that I get to live in such a beautiful place.

Aim 1: To keep supporting local businesses, events and people this summer. Whether that’s going to local festivals, stocking local products, or donating fruit, I’m aiming for Berries Unlocked to play a part in the community.

Reflection 2: People are so key to a business - more than perhaps they’re credited for. Being a couple of thousand miles away and having to trust the team on the ground whilst I was abroad was a bit nerve-wracking, but they all handled it so well! It made me feel lucky to have such great people who are so willing to help out and are always looking to improve the business too.

Aim 2: To hire absolute stars for our stand teams this year. I have been interviewing and chatting to lots of applicants during the past few weeks to make sure I have the best fit for our team. At the end of the day, it’s those young faces that are the ones representing Berries Unlocked this summer!

Reflection 3: The culture of a business can make or break it. Whether it was a small roadside stall or a larger hostel chain, a place’s friendliness, values, and overall culture shaped the way I experienced and viewed it.

Aim 3: To continue building a culture that I’m proud of; one that encourages people in the team to grow while having fun, and ensures that customers leave a little bit smilier than when they arrive.

Reflection 4: People like dealing with people! Nothing beats eye contact, a handshake, or a smile, no matter where in the world you are.

Aim 4: To make sure that the team is properly trained in dealing with customers and has the best customer service possible - friendly, polite, and always there to help.

Reflection 5: There’s a big and beautiful world out there, and we need to take care of it - or at least do our bit.

Aim 5: To try recyclable, cardboard packaging and compare it to our usual plastic ones with the help of customer feedback. To limit food miles as much as possible. To be carbon neutral this year.

I think we have our work cut out for us!

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