Reusing your punnets - DIY mini greenhouses!

Posted on 24 Aug 2021

So, you’ve just finished eating your punnets of fruit, and now you’ve got some empties. Sure, you could recycle them, but there’s no fun in that! Also with an investigation by Greenpeace revealing the sad truth: that less than 10% of everyday plastic (packaging etc.) gets recycled in the UK, its more important than ever for us to be mindful of what we consume, and to get creative with our plastic waste, in order to give our plastic a new purpose.

Have you thought the ways that you can reuse your empty punnets?

It’s important not to throw everything in the bin, and to use things as much as you can before you recycle them. We love the idea of taking single use plastics, and giving them a new purpose in the garden!

Plastic punnets like ours are great for seed sowing! Just remember to add drainage holes at the bottom of the tray and you’re ready to go! We love using ours for windowsill herb gardens.

Alternatively, you can make your own mini greenhouse!

You will need:

  • Clean, empty fruit punnet and a lid
  • Toilet paper cardboard roll
  • Some scissors
  • A sharp knife
  • Soil and/or seed sowing compost
  • Your chosen seeds - or seedlings!

Step 1) Use a knife to cut air holes into the lid of the punnet, and to add drainage holes to the base of the fruit tray. Be careful!

Step 2) Cut the toilet rolls in half or thirds depending on the size of your punnet and place them inside the tray, ensuring that there is still plenty of room for the plants to grow when you close the lid. Using toilet paper rolls is a great hack, because they allow you to plant the sprouts directly into the garden when they’re ready without disturbing or damaging the roots.

Step 3) Fill the toilet rolls with soil and/or seed sowing compost, and add your seeds/seedlings.

Step 4) Water your garden, and place the lid on top. It’s as easy as that!

If you try this hack at home, we’d love to see it! Share a photo and be sure to tag us on Instagram @berriesunlocked.